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Kitchen aprons
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  • Kitchen aprons
  • Kitchen aprons

Kitchen aprons

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Kitchen aprons

Why Kitchen Aprons from glass should be ordered in Sonaris?

Reason 1: Quality of the press
We print on UF the printer Flora, and quality of the press up to 1440 dots per inch and a 14-pikolitr, providing higher quality in comparison with other UF-printers.

Reason 2: Drawing size
The maximum size for the press on glass makes 2,5 h1,2 m that allows us to satisfy any wishes.
You can choose at will glass thickness (5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm).

Reason 3: Convenience of service
What needs to be done?
To contact your personal manager, using:
1. Tel:. 022 92 81 41, 079 42 19 35 - Irina
2. Skype: irina_sonaris
3. E-mail:
4. Leave the online application for and the manager will contact you.
5. Use the page on Facebook the Decor in Kitchen.

Ostavshayushcheysya part, we are engaged:
• Carrying out measurements by our expert (it only after was the kitchen furniture and a wall is completely mounted equal is ideal)
• Design
• Design of the image
• Cutting flew down also drilling (under sockets, basic elements and decorative screws)
• Printing of the image
• Delivery (in limits mun. Chisinau, BESPLATNO)
• Installation (borrows till two o'clock, depending on complexity)

Reason 4: The image for Kukhonnago of an apron
We offer the catalog from more than 500 images from which it is possible to choose something on your taste or to select the image according to your imaginations on Shutterstock which contains more than 30 million photos and to develop unique design which will correspond to a decor your kitchen.

Examples of search in a keyword on Shutterstock: flowers, cities, vintage, nature, texture, stained-glass windows, sea, food, drinks, fantasy or background of various flowers: green, red, blue, black-and-white .

Reason 5: Time for production
The order will be executed within 10 working days from the moment of the statement of final design for the press.

P. S. O than it is necessary to take care at various stages of production of a kitchen apron?
The place for measurement. Make room where it will be performed measurements, you will save time to yourself and our master.
Decorative elements. If you want to establish decorative elements on glass, you have to buy them in advance that our master correctly measured them.
Protective square. It is better to establish it after installation of a kitchen apron.
Fastening method. Decide on an installation method which suits you - on glue or on decorative bolts.
Contract. At removal of the sizes for a kitchen apron there has to be a customer the representative on the conclusion of the contract.

Information is up-to-date: 20.05.2019
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